Baby & Kids

With the help of JJ Chircop photography, you will finally be able to capture those precious photos of your children, making sure that you don’t miss a single moment as they grow up, little by little each day. Those images will help you experience the joy that only children can bring, over and over again, as you look at them, bringing a smile to your face every time. One day, hopefully, you’ll be able to share that joy with them, as you look at the images together. So whether you want to create an album that will chronicle you child’s early years, or you just want to have memorabilia of how they were at that particular time, which will rest nicely framed in your home, JJ Chircop is here to help.
People often get sidetracked in life, chasing after the next big thing, their big break. For some that comes in the form of financial gain, for others it’s recognition from their friends, colleagues and peers. Others find it through acquiring knowledge, or experiencing new locations and meeting new people. Whatever the case, the underlying cause for all of this is our basic human need to leave a mark, to be remembered after we’re gone, to make our time on this Earth count. So we build monuments, tall buildings, we go in space, under water, pushing the boundaries set by those who came before us every day and that’s fine. But, what we often forget is that the greatest thing we can create is not made up of stone, wood, metal or glass. It is something much more fragile, much more delicate and complex. We have the ability to create new life. Passing on a part of ourselves onto the next generation can help us achieve that elusive goal of living on even after we’re gone, through our children. And that should be anyone’s proudest achievement, which no professional feat can ever match.
JJ Chircop allows you to choose from a wide spectrum of packages, where you will be able to find at least that will suit your needs perfectly. You can start by treasuring those first months of pregnancy with a photo shoot in our well equipped studio, leaving not only with a set of brilliant image, but also with an incredible experience we will provide for you. We recommend our multi-photo packages where we introduce purposely-imported props, that will help illustrate those magical moments that only children can create in the best was possible. Give us a call, and see for your self why JJ Chircop is considered the best kids photographer in Malta.