Before your child arrives in this world, there are millions of preparations to be made, fixing up the child’s room, buying a cradle, toys, stroller, choosing a name, baby-proofing the apartment and so on . It’s all centered toward the new baby. But, we should also take the time to appreciate the moms, as well. JJ Chircop Photography Services here in Malta, among their many other services, also give moms and dads a chance to freeze-frame those months that precede the greatest joy in their lives, the birth of their child. You’d be surprised how much can be said through one image, how much emotion conveyed. That single image can mark the beginning of a beautiful journey of your child’s travel through life. Taking a good maternity shot is a delicate matter, and here at JJ Chircop Photography, we will give our best to make the entire shooting a pleasant experience, which itself should become a nice memory for parents to remember.
Although we celebrate mother’s today, be it through Mother’s day or with a photo session like this one, we  rarely realize how far back these celebrations date. Like many other in modern times, they have their centuries-old antecedents. Cultures around the world celebrated (and still do) the mother goddess as a representative of nurturing and the giver of all life. From ancient Egyptians who celebrated the mother goddess Isis, to ancient Greeks who celebrated the goddess Rhea, the mother of Zeus himself. Every era, every religion and every civilization had their own way of paying tribute to mothers.
So make this your modern-day tribute to a mother-to-be. JJ Chircop will put his whole creative arsenal at your disposal, crafting tasteful, eye-catching photos that will take your breath away. Our photo services are at your disposal in our studio, where we use special lighting to make the images stand out above ordinary, or on location of your choice, but make sure to give us a call first, so we can work out everything in detail. JJ Chircop Photography is inviting you to seize the chance of letting none of those precious moment go unrecorded.