If you’re an artist, a model, a hairdresser, a make-up artist, or if your profession requires you to have a good portfolio, JJ Chircop offers the finest portfolio photography in Malta. Making sure that you stand out head and shoulders above the competition, we create eye-catching portfolios that will not go unnoticed, giving you the attention and recognition you deserve.
By definition, an artist’s portfolio is a carefully edited collection of their best work intended for showcasing their style or method of work. Properly showcasing your talents and versatility is crucial, as it increases your chances with a potential employer. Depending on ones needs, a portfolio can contain the best work from an artist, or it can be an in-depth study of one specific area of work. Whichever the case, JJ Chircop Portfolio Photography is here to point you in the right direction, and to help you make a choice that will suit your professional needs best.
When composing a portfolio, it is extremely important to consider your audience first. Depending on who is seeing it, for what reason, and what goals you are trying to accomplish with a portfolio, it can vary significantly in its look and volume. And that’s why the the most important component in putting together a portfolio that will stand out is editing. By editing, we make that your portfolio represents a clean, streamlined collection of your work, that will catch the eye of the right people, your intended audience.
With the increased use of internet and electronic communication, a lot of artists decide on websites that host their portfolios online. However, we consider nothing can replace the physical form. Why? Because human brains are designed to respond to various stimulus from its environment, whether its visual, tactile, olfactory or auditory. An electronic presentation robs a portfolio of its impact, keeping only the visual component. With a portfolio resting in your hands, it is a much more complete and satisfying experience, and that is the most important thing: leaving a good impression.
JJ Chircop Portfolio Photography guarantees you a swift and professional service, and we hope that a portfolio we created for you will land in the right hands.